Step 1. Build Your Page

Build Your Page

Your Page is the central place to grow your business, build your brand and develop relationships with your customers.

We will assist you on:

Create a Facebook Page

It's free to set up a Page and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

no01Choose a category and a Page name that represents your business.

no04Set a memorable web address for your Page that you can use on marketing material to promote your presence on Facebook.

no02Pick a logo or another image that people associate with your business to use as a profile picture.

no05Choose a cover photo that represents your brand and showcases your product or service. It's the first thing people will see when they visit your Page.

no03Write a sentence about your business so people understand what you do.


Other important details

  • View insights, edit your Page content, keep track of new activity and respond to personal messages from your admin panel.
  • Click on the Edit Page button in the admin panel and choose Update Info to add other details about your business.


You're ready to create your first post

You can create different kinds of posts on your Page including updates, photos, videos and questions. The people who like your Page will see some of your posts in their news feed.

The Power of Facebook’s news feed:


  • Your Page is where you create posts that get shown in the news feed, the center of the Facebook experience
  • News feed is where people spend their time on Facebook – in fact, 40% of their time
  • It’s where people share the most important parts of their lives and where businesses can engage them in conversation

Success posts are:


  • Short: Posts between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more likes, comments and shares
  • Visual: Photo albums, pictures, and videos get 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement respectively
  • Optimized: Page Insights help you learn things such as what times people engage most with your content so you can post during those hours

Invite people you know to like your Page

You've probably got a community of friends, family, customers and employees who care about your business. Invite them to like your Page.

 facebook-admin-panel   Things to try:
  • Explore the options under the Build Audience button on your admin panel. Make sure to invite your Facebook friends to like your Page.
  • Click on 'Invite Email Contacts' to upload your your email list and send a message asking people to like your Page.
  • Promote your Page web address on store signs, business cards, receipts, emails, chalkboards and other marketing material.
  • Download free Facebook table tents and stickers to promote your Page.