Step 3. Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Audience

When you post content and have conversations on your Page, you’re building loyalty and creating opportunities to generate sales. Learn how to create content that will keep your audience interested.

We will assist you on:

Post quality content regularly

When people like your Page, they’re saying that they care about your business and want to know what’s going on. Posting relevant content is the most important thing you can do to keep them interested.

How to write quality posts Reach customers with an offer
  • Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and business
  • Be succinct, friendly and conversational
  • Share photos and videos because they tend to be more engaging
  • Ask questions or seek input
  • Give access to exclusive information and specials
  • Be timely by posting about current events, holidays or news
Get customers to your business with an offer they can claim and share with their friends.

Best Practice: Post at least 1 to 2 times per week so you stay top-of-mind and relevant to the people who like your Page.

Promote your post to reach more people in news feed

Promoting your post is an easy way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends in their news feed on desktop and mobile. Promoting a post simply bumps it higher than it would otherwise appear in your audience's news feeds.

Increase the likelihood that people will:
  • See your message in their news feed
  • Become aware of your business
  • Respond to your offer or sales promotion

Check your Page Insights to see what's working
Page Insights include information such as which posts are working along with an overview of who is connected to your business. Check your insights regularly to understand what's working for you on Facebook. Page Insights are available once 30 people like your Page. Invite people you know to like your Page if you don't have 30 likes.

Best Practice: Respond to your audience

  • Continue to engage: To encourage people to develop a relationship with your Page and continue to engage them, make sure you respond to comments and private messages.
  • Address specific people: If a lot of people have commented on a post, to address a specific person, you can tag them in your response by typing @ before their name.
  • Keep track of messages: When people send you a private message, you’ll see a notification about it in your admin panel. Keep track of new messages and respond to them to let customers know that you’re listening.